EVT 2018 Race League

EVT 2018 Race League

EVT – Race series 2018


The proposed race series is designed for us to participate as a club and increase “club presence” at race events. The aim is to create a focal point for EVT members to participate in racing, give them diversity of events to create a challenge, determine club champions and to promote EVT as a club within the triathlon world.

Races Series

7 events in total, with a range of distances and races to suit all and to provide challenges and diversity for members, comprising: –

3 Sprint
2 Standard
1 Aquathlon (choice of 4) 1 Duathlon
1 Mid distance
1 mystery event

Agreed events

3 sprints

May 18 – Tewksbury Tri (Tewkesbury tri club) June 18 – Avenger sprint (Raceways EU)
Aug 18 – Bredon’s Hardwick (Tewkesbury tri club)

3 Standard

June 18 – Avenger standard (Raceways EU) September 18 – Cotswold standard (Events Logic)

Middle distance

June 18 – Avenger Middle (Raceways EU)


February 18 – Peopleton Duathlon (either distance) (Worcester Tri club)

Aquathlon Series

Jan 18 – Tewkesbury Aquathlon (Tewkesbury tri club)
Feb 18 – Tewkesbury Aquathlon (Tewkesbury tri club)
Mar 18 – Tewkesbury Aquathlon (Tewkesbury tri club)
April 18 – Tewkesbury Aquathlon (Tewkesbury tri club)
Club members can race any of these events, and submit their fastest overall time. These will then be graded against any other EVT fastest times from any of the above 4 2018 events and points scored accordingly

Mystery event

Each year we welcome nominations for a mystery event. This should be any race during the year, one which offers inspiration and something a little different from the norm.
This year is the Isoman at Redditch. For those of you who don’t know what it involves, its Triathlons attempt to equalize all 3 disciplines. If you’re a swimmer, this is the race for you!


Event Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept
Peopleton Duathlon TBC TBC
Tewkesbury Aquathlon 14th 11th 11th 8th
Tewkesbury Triathlon TBC
Avenger (any distance) TBC
Isoman (any distance 30th
Bredon’s Hardwick TBC
Cotswold end of season TBC

We will run our end of season Stratford triathlon as a club relay season finale. More details will be provided in 2018.


4 from the above list, 2 must be a triathlon, competitors may enter more than 4, best results will count.

Scoring & Categories

Male Under 40 Male over 40 Female under 40 Female over 40

  • EVT entries1st =5points,2nd =4,3rd =3,4th =2,5th =1.Iftherearemorethan5age entrants places 6 onwards will receive 1 point.
  • Bonus point of 1 for each part of the races – Best bike, run, swim, T1 and T2
  • Aquathlon scoring for discipline elements. 2.5 points fastest swim, 2.5 points fastest run
  • Duathlon scoring for discipline elements. 2 points first run, 2 points bike, 1 point second run.
  • If the event does not have the capability of breaking down each section, race director will apply discretion.
  • All events will have 10 available. Entering the series and events Members will be responsible for booking directly with the organization. We are hoping to arrange a discount for our members, but cannot guarantee this. It is unlikely EVT can offer refunds to members who have already booked in advance of any discount available. Communication After each race the results will be collated and the new league table will be circulated to ALL EVT members. This will be done by the Race Series Director James Vann. Social events Bredon’s Hardwick Triathlon provides facility for camping on the night before and after the event. It would be great if we could create an EVT village and, well, have a good old knees up! Keep your eyes peeled for other social events throughout the year.