NEW Thursday nights Yoga and S&C

NEW Thursday nights Yoga and S&C

We are pleased to announce another new training opportunity for you all to gain access to.

Yoga session:

Dates: Starts Thursday 2nrd March 2017 for 6 weeks

Time: 7 – 8 pm

Location: Harvington School Hall

Cost: free to members, £3 non-members

We have employed the services of a yoga instructor to come in and deliver 6 weeks of yoga introduction. This is the ideal opportunity to come along and see the benefits that regular stretching, flexibility and core strength development gives you.

Benefits of Yoga for Triathletes

Swimming – Ujjayi breathing, in a yoga practice extends your overall breath length when practiced regularly over time. This improves the efficiency of your breath whist training and competing, particularly if you struggle to do 2 complete breaths with your head down in front crawl.

Cycling – many yoga postures help develop core strength which is so important for cyclists, such as upward raised leg pose below. The quads and knees can be strengthened and supported with squats and the forward bending action of cycling can be counter-posed with backbends.

Running – has a tendency to shorten ligaments and tendons, particularly so if you are a runner first and a triathlete second. Most yoga postures help lengthen them and increase flexibility. Staying in yoga postures also helps build strength and stamina.

The mind – there is a tendency to over-process and analyse what we are doing in all aspects of our lives, particularly when training for an event. A regular yoga practice gives you the chance to still the constant chatter in your mind. You can work your body and breath without measuring, comparing, competing. This letting go, being with yourself and noticing how you are, in each moment, can open you up to further possibilities.

Sleep – athletes know that good sleep is an important part of their schedule, particularly the night before an event, and many yoga students comment on how well they sleep after a yoga class.

About the teacher (from the teacher!!!)

Anyway, I hope all this helps. It may be reassuring (it may not) for your teammates to know that I am not an 8 stone super-flexible female teacher, and am in fact a fifty year old man who weighs in at 15 and a half stone!


This will continue after half term until the start of Easter, when we aim to get back out on the Thursday nights cycle rides.

Time: 8 – 9 pm

Location: Harvington School Hall

Cost: free to members, £3 to non members

Come along and be put through your paces on different strength & conditioning exercises each week.

We look forward to seeing you all on there.