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Preparing yourself for the open water season

The time is fast approaching for us to be thinking about swimming in the open water again. Some of you will be seasoned open water swimmers and looking forward to getting out of the pool and in to the great outdoors, whilst of you will be a first season in OW or very nervous about entering the murky waters. So what can you do to prepare yourself in the pool before donning the neoprene suit and getting in the water. Here are just a few tips for some to help you in those first sessions.

  • Most will be wanting to swim front crawl, however don’t forget to practice breaststroke, it’s a great way to have a rest in the water and uses far less energy and you can keep your head up above water if needed whilst you acclimatise.
  • The small loop at Ragley is 400m so before heading off make sure you can cover this in the pool, if you can’t in the pool, you won’t be able to in the lake. Remember though there is the option to get out after about 100m and walk back at Ragley until your confidence improves.
  • Practice treading water, there are no walls or anything to hold on to, practice for just 30s to a minute.
  • Practice looking at where you are going in the pool, this is a skill most overlook and can save you a lot of distance if you’re going in the right direction.
  • When you next at the pool try turning whilst swimming by moving your body without touching the walls or the bottom again it’s a great skill to develop.
  • Lastly get used to having others swimming around you, and knocking in to you as I can pretty much guarantee that some will swim close or even accidently knock you.

By doing these you will be more confident in the open water and enjoy the experience a lot more. There will be announcements over the coming weeks about the lake opening and times etc. We are looking forward to seeing as many as we can this year and hoping for some warmer weather to start the season off as soon as we can.